Collection: Gyuto

This knife is known as the chef's knife used in western professional cooking. The term gyuto means "beef knife". It is a good first knife to have, as it can usually do everything. When preparing vegetables, it is used in the form of a cut or push near the heel of the knife. The gyuto is also used to cut stiffer fruit and make fine cuts at the end of the knife. It is also used for many cuts of meat. For large cuts, it is used for sawing in both directions. The general size varies from 180 mm to 270 mm. 180 mm corresponds more to a knife size that is more agile, while 210 mm corresponds more to a standard size for chefs and allows more slicing. 270 mm has more cutting power, but is much larger and longer, making it more difficult to use. The Gyuto is a double-bevel knife, so it is suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed people.