About us

Couteaux Nagano 

In June 2020, Couteaux Nagano was born with the desire of three passionate people to unite kitchen and quality tools. The art of Japanese cutlery has been recognized for thousands of years. The main goal of our company is to make the know-how of Japanese knife makers accessible here in Canada by offering a wide range of quality knives.

All knives are custom-made on demand and imported directly from Japan.

Couteaux Nagano also offers a variety of quality accessories for cooking and sharpening.

Who are we exactly?

Bruno Paradis-Bolduc

Having worked in the restaurant business for more than 14 years as a cook, manager and assistant director of a restaurant chain, I have over the years developed a keen interest in cuisine of extraordinary quality. Passionate about travel and Asian cultures, I spent more than six months travelling all over Asia. Of course, my heart has melted for Japan. Combining finesse, sophistication and refinement, Japanese cuisine never ceases to charm me. Of course, the art of Japanese cutlery took an important place in my discoveries and quickly turned into a real passion.It is for these reasons that I decided to found Couteaux Nagano.


François Drolet

Francois Drolet


Gold medallist in speed skating at the Nagano Olympic Games in the 5,000m relay in 1998. When it was time to retire from speed skating, I traded in my skates to become an innkeeper. In 1998, I became the CEO and major shareholder of a restaurant-inn in Neuville (Le Manoir de Neuville) on the outskirts of Quebec City. That was all it took to fall in love with the arts of the table and develop a passion for it! I then founded the Sushi Nagano restaurant franchise. Along with my passion for restaurants, I also worked for 4 years as an equipment specialist for the Canadian short track speed skating team (2012 to 2016) and then created with partners the Nagano Skate company of which I am a shareholder and general manager. In all modesty, one can say that I am THE world reference in the preparation and sharpening of speed skating blades. No wonder my path leads me to the art of Japanese cutlery!


Jérôme Paradis-Bolduc

Since cooking has always been a great passion, I spent more than 7 years working as a sushi maker. It all started with a home sushi business, and then as co-owner of Sushibox,in Québec City, from 2012 to 2015. With a Bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship from Université Laval, my journey then led me to the distribution field. I had the chance to be part of a Director development program under the mentorship of top business people for 4 years abroad. Many trips, including the one to Japan which completely amazed me with the culture, the gastronomy, the respect and their passion for perfection! This adventure that begins with Couteaux Nagano is a continuation of this passion I have for Japanese cuisine.