Maintenance and sharpening service

Our Maintenance and Sharpening Partners

At Couteaux Nagano, we understand the importance of maintaining the quality and sharpness of your Japanese knives. This is why we have established partnerships with trusted professionals to offer you quality maintenance and sharpening services. Here are our partners:

  1. Quebec

    • Faut que ça coupe
    • Address: 485 Rue David, Quebec, QC G2L 1T1
    • Telephone: (418) 914-7034
  2. Montreal, Rosemont

  3. Val-David

    • L'Aiguisoir
    • Address: 1389 Rue de la Sapinière, Val-David, QC J0T 2N0
    • Telephone: (819) 774-0888

Do not hesitate to contact one of our partners to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your precious Japanese knives.