Collection: Kamo AS

Collection made of Aogami Super by Shiro Kamo is pleasantly surprising and very affordable considering its performance and finish. With its sturdy and sharp blade that requires little maintenance, it is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about Japanese knives.

Master Blacksmith Shiro Kamo is located in Takefu Knife Village in Japan. Kamo-san is the 3rd generation of Kamotou Hamono. He is also one of the founders and currently president of the prestigious Takefu Knife Village Association. Kamo-san started making knives at the age of 25. He is now in his sixties. He is a recipient of the title "Dento-Kogei-shi", which means "master of traditional craftsmanship". Shiro Kamo now passes on the traditional crafting methods to his disciples in Kamotou Hamono, TKV.

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